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Elevate your next tumbler, mug or bottle purchase with Vacuum Insulation.


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A Complete Guide to Custom Vacuum Insulated Drinkware

A Complete Guide to Custom Vacuum Insulated Drinkware


Being hellbent on getting through our hectic lives, who has the time to constantly reheat or even freeze our beverages to keep them at the ideal temp? So instead, what if we use a top-notch insulated drinking vessel to keep our favorite drink delight at its original temperature? 


Agreed!  That is why vacuum insulated drinkware has exploded in popularity.  These custom insulated cups and bottles are hugely effective, many are darn near indestructible and they are stylish as well. Be that as it may, customizing unique drinkware can be a tad overwhelming.


So, here’s a complete guide on how to take your drinking habits to new heights in style and temperature efficiency.




the history of insulated drinkware The History

What is the history of Insulated Drinkware?


The invention of the vacuum flask A.K.A. Dewar flask, Dewar bottle or Thermos by Sir James Dewar circa 1892, was the turning point that kicked off contemporary custom insulated tumblers.


The potential to keep its contents hotter or cooler for extended periods of time regardless of the outside temperature garnered the attention of many including two of the German glassblowers, Reinhold Burger and Albert Aschenbrenner.


The flask became a huge commercial item around 1904, with these two inventing a more robust and everyday use flask design. After realizing its immense commercial use, they named it Thermos.


This became a household name to the point that any vacuum-insulated container for liquids was called a Thermos and many varieties of vacuum insulated containers followed.


The huge variety of personalized insulated tumblers stem were developed in Detroit Michigan in 1946 by the Tervis Tumbler Company founders who created the first permanently sealed, double wall tumbler.


Today, the game has been elevated with vacuum insulated tumblers, water bottles and mugs, which are 1000 times more popular than basic double wall insulated tumblers due to their extreme temperature retention. 




printing custom vacuum insulated drinkware The Printing

How can I customize my Vacuum Insulated Drinkware?


Full Color

Let’s face it digital is the future!  As such Full Color Digital printing will give your vacuum custom insulated cup or mug a modern and sleek look.  It’s perfect for logos with more than one color or for complex designs with gradients, halftones or tight registration of multiple colors.  Some advanced digital printers can even create a raised 3-D effect with your logo making for a truly cool custom travel mug.


Laser Engraving

Lasers are powerful digital tools that can cut, but when used at lower powers they are perfect for engraving or etching logos onto vacuum custom insulated tumblers.  Laser engraving shines with metals like stainless steel or copper. Though you can add engraved images with halftones, you can only create engravings with a 2-D effect.  Laser engraving is long-lasting (the logo likely to outlive the container) and more efficient than other traditional engraving methods.


Screen or Pad Printing

Screen and Pad Printing are the king of cost-effective travel mug customization.  They both use ink applied mechanically, however, the ink logo application method differs.  Screen Printing is great for larger imprint areas, like wrap around imprints and uses ink pushed through a chemically etched stencil of your logo of silk screen mesh of your logo.  On the other hand, Pad Printing is great for stylish, irregularly shaped logo insulated mugs. Here a silicone pad picks up ink from a plate etched with your logo and then applies it to the mug.




most common materials for vacuum insulated cups The Materials

What materials are common for logo Vacuum Insulated Drinkware?


Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is an ideal material to make personalized insulated tumblers due to its corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, tough, durable, long-lasting, and recyclable nature.


Copper Liner - Copper is an excellent thermal conductor that is also corrosion-resistant and durable. Even better, vacuum insulated drinkware enhanced with copper coating or liner on the interior is proven to keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cool for over 16 hours.




how are vacuum insulated tumblers made The Construction

How is Vacuum Insulated Drinkware made?


The design of vacuum flasks and other custom insulated cups is ingenious. The vacuum container consists of two vessels and one is placed inside the other then they sealed together at the bottom. The design leaves only tiny hole at the bottom center between the inner and outer vessel walls. The air in the gap between these two vessels is then removed via that tiny hole in a decompression chamber.  The chamber sucks out all the air of hundreds of mugs including between the two walls through that small hole in the bottom creating a vacuum.  Then the chamber is heated up to 400 to 500 degrees melting a small glass bead to seal the tiny hole. 


After this process is complete, the now vacuum insulated cups are tested by heating each with small flame for a 20 seconds or so to see if they vacuum seal was properly created.  If not, the insulated tumblers are reworked.


Most vacuum insulated drinkware today is made of metal with stainless steel being the most popular.




vacuum insulation superiority The Insulation Superiority

Why is Vacuum Insulation better?


Regular double wall thermal cups are totally yesterday’s news as they generally provide very little insulation at all. Vacuum insulated drinkware on the other hand, works better than all the other insulation types including air or foam.


With a complete lack of atoms, a vacuum is the best know insulator.  The high-performance thermal barrier created by a vacuum prevents heat transfer from thermal conduction (it only occurs in matter, and there is no matter in a vacuum) or convection (only occurs in fluids like air and there is no air or any other fluid in a vacuum).  Additionally, metal vacuum drinkware walls have a reflective, silvery or copper surface.  So metal vacuum insulated drinkware also prevent radiation (electromagnetic waves) by bouncing those waves off the reflective walls further reducing heat transfer.


Now let’s look at a quick rundown of drinkware insulation types:


Air insulation (Good)

These are logo travel mugs with double walls that have air in between the space.  From my personal experience, this might add about 30 minutes of cooling or warmth. 


Foam insulation (Better)

Similar to air insulation, it is double wall.  However, rather than air a foam is added between the walls. I’d say these custom travel mugs can retain heat and keep your drink cold for up to an hour.


Vacuum insulation (Best)

Now we are talking!  Vacuum insulation is one of the best ways to keep your drink hot or cold. Here your personalized travel mug is double walled, but all air is vacuumed out between the two walls.  These mugs can keep beverages hot or cold for multiple hours.


Copper vacuum insulation (Premium)

The crème de la crème of logo travel tumblers.  Copper insulated travel mugs are truly premium quality products. They can retain heat for around eight hours and keep the iced beverage cold for up to 24 hours.  I’ve personally tested it! The added feature to these gems, is a layer of copper is added to the inner wall to aid temperature retention even further.   


So, if you’re choosing personalized insulated tumblers or mugs … hands-down, vacuum insulated ones are the far superior choice.  Take that choice to the next level by choosing one with a copper lining.




which styles are popular for vacuum insulated drinkware The Styles

What styles are popular for Branded Vacuum Insulated Drinkware?


Mug - These custom insulated cups have a handle and often include a lid. They come in both tall and short styles.  Tall holds more liquid and is great for car travel.  Short is a traditional style which won’t easily tip over and is great at home, the office or when even while camping.


Tumbler - Custom insulated tumblers are drinkware without the handle.  They often feature a lid and straw.  Tumblers are ideal to take your hot or cold beverage on the go.


Bottle – A contemporary take on the water bottle, the vacuum insulated bottle is great for outdoor sporting events.


Wine - Wine glass style vacuum insulated drinkware usually are stemless and feature a lid.  They more stout and rounded in shape so they won’t tip easily but are comfortable to hold.


Pint - Pints are drinkware that can hold 16 fluid ounces. They are perfect for keeping a craft brew or hard seltzer chilled.


Thermos –Thermos is the common household name for vacuum insulated flasks that are excellent for carrying hot or cold beverages. The often include integrated cups in their lids.  A thermos is perfect for bring hot chocolate on your next hike, cross country skiing adventures or hunting excursion.




popular custom insulated drinkware brands The Brands

What are the top brands of custom Vacuum Insulated Drinkware?

 Yeti Logo     thermos logo      swell logo        stanley logo       contigo logo

hydro flask logo     camelbak logo        miir logo      corkcicle logo

coleman logo      artic zone logo    tervis logo 


how to clean vacuum insulated drinkware The Cleaning

What is the best way to clean Vacuum Insulated Drinkware?





The Bottom Line on Custom Insulated Drinkware The Bottom Line

Why choose Custom Vacuum Insulated Drinkware for your next recognition event?


Enjoy your beverage again as intended!  Vacuum insulated cups are lifesavers for people who prioritize keeping their beverages at their optimum temperature for as long as possible.


The rediscovery of vacuum drinkware started in 2010 and continues today as staple given their durable long-lasting construction, myriad decoration options, and varied shapes, sizes and styles.   Today custom insulated tumblers are still top 10 promotional product worldwide.  They are as much as useful tool as a fashion accessory.


So, if you are charging with choosing a promotional or personal gift, consider versatile, practical and stylish vacuum insulated drinkware.






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