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Refresh and rehydrate with a handy logo water bottle.

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  5. 25 Oz. Aluminum Bike Bottle
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A Complete Guide to Custom Water Bottles

A Complete Guide to Custom Water Bottles


Whether it’s for corporate or personal use, water bottles have a special place in our lives. They not only keep us hydrated at all times but act as a splendid cost-effective advertising medium for many businesses.


With the immense attention that custom water bottles are garnering, you should put a lot of thought before personalizing your water bottles.


Don’t know where to begin? Then here’s a complete guide to start customizing.



The History of Custom Water Bottles The History

What is the history of Water Bottles?


From the earliest human civilizations, water transportation through vessels and bottles was a vital part of humans’ day-to-day routine. Be that as it may, the first-ever, bottled water distribution was recorded in 1621 in the UK.


Later, Jackson's Spa, Boston kicked off the first commercially distributed water bottles in 1767 putting the logo water bottles on the map. In fact, these bottled spa water believed to be curing many ailments due to their therapeutic properties.


In the 19th-century glass water bottles drew a lot of attention, since municipal water supplies could spread diseases like cholera and typhoid, and this was a cheaper way to be protected and promote businesses at the same time.


Today, customized water bottles are used as practical gifts and advertisement pieces for businesses and organizations because of their versatility.



 how to print custom water bottles The Printing

How can I customize my Logo Water Bottle?


Full-Color Digital

In full-color digital, a digital-based image can be printed directly on your personalized water bottles. This process is quick and involves 4 colors including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to form full-color vivid prints.  To ensure a vivid imprint on dark colored water bottles, white ink may also be added as an under base.


Laser Engraving

As the name suggests, lasers are used to engrave objects such as metal, wood, plastic, stones, etc. Besides, this is a popular method to print custom pens as well.


As a result of not using ink or chemicals, these engravings won't wear out or fade away with time, giving laser engraving the upper hand from traditional printing.


Screen or Pad Printing

Screen printing produces highly colorful prints with the help of a mesh, squeegee, and a blocking stencil. Once the squeegee is rolled over the ink, the print is transferred onto the logo water bottles' surface.


Pad printing, on the other hand, transfers 2D images onto 3D objects using clichés. This print plate is etched with your desired design and filled with ink. Then through the pad, the artwork is transferred onto the object.



which custom water bottle material is bestThe Materials

What materials are best for Water Bottles?


Stainless Steel - This iron is durable, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant


Aluminum - A 100% recyclable, and durable material commonly used for manufacturing water bottles alongside glass and steel.


Plastic - Plastic is a low-cost, flexible, and versatile medium for making printed water bottles that come both in high-density or low-density plastic. Here are some more specific types of common plastics used int water bottles: 


PETE - Polyethylene Terephthalate, A.K.A. PETE or in layman’s terms nylon is a commonly used highly recyclable material used to build food and liquid containers like printed water bottles. This is a BPA free plastic.   PETE water bottles are marked with Code 1.


HDPE - High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a strong plastic commonly used for making durable printed water bottles and marked as Code 2. They are also BPA free.


PP - Polypropylene (PP) is ideal for manufacturing bottles, cooler containers, dishes, etc. They are marked Code 5.


Tritan ® - Tritan® is a BPA-free, tough, impact-resistant, and highly dishwasher-safe plastic that lengthens the life of the water bottle.  Look for code 7 here, but note all code 7 water bottles are from Tritan ®.  This is the category for “other” plastics.


Glass - 100% recyclable, BPA-free, odor-resistant glass water bottles are excellent for those who are health conscious. For these personalized water bottles, an outer layer of metal or plastic can also be added to avoid breakage.



what is the best insulation for custom water bottles The Insulation

Which insulation types are best for Water Bottles?


Good: Air-insulated logo water bottles keep the liquids’ temperature stable.

Better: Foam insulated water bottles keep the liquids’ temperature stable.

Best: Vacuum insulated water bottles keep the contents hotter or cooler for a longer period.

Premium: Copper Vacuum water bottles’ inner walls are plated with copper to keep the contents hot for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours regardless of the outside temperature.


custom water bottle lid optoinsThe Lids

What top lid options are there for Custom Water Bottles?










what are the most popular custom water bottle brands The Brands

What are the most popular Custom Water Bottle brands?







Artic Zone

Blender Bottle







water bottle coatings The Coatings

What coatings are popular with Personalized Water Bottles?


Plain - Bottles with no special coating.

Painted - Bottles with painted applied to add color.

Powder Coated - Bottles with a durable, powder coating paint to enhance grip and keep it looking sharp for years to come. These bottles won’t as easily scratch or chip as painted water bottles might.



common water bottle features The Features

What features are most common with Water Bottles?


Carrying Handle - This lets you safely carry your custom water bottle.


Carabiner - Type of shackle to quickly connect the bottle to your bag when your on the go camping, hiking or just between classes on a college campus.


Infuser - A bottle with a chamber for loading fruits which adds flavor to your water.


Vacuum Insulated - Vacuum insulated water bottles can keep the liquids hotter or cooler for a longer period.


Shaker Bottles - Bottles that come with a whisk ball inside to combine ingredients and create a smooth shake. These are popular among fitness enthusiasts.


Copper Lining - This allows the liquids in the bottle to be colder or hotter for longer and is commonly added to premium vacuum insulated bottles.


Collapsible - These water bottles can be squeezed down flat to minimize storage which enables easy transportation.


Speakers - Water bottles that come with Bluetooth wireless speakers to keep you energized during your workout or to chill to some cool tunes on a picnic or hike.


Wireless Charger - Water bottles that come with a wireless charging system.



what is the best way to clean your water bottle The Cleaning

What is the best way to care for your Water Bottle?


Hand Wash



Dishwasher Safe



The Bottom Line on Custom water bottles The Bottom Line

What makes a Custom Water Bottle a great gift for your next promotion?


Having a custom water bottle not only keeps you from dehydration, but they provide you quality and pure water whenever you step outside.


With this handy invention, paired up with a killer design printed on it, chances are you're going to turn one or two heads around on your way. What’s more, If you own a business or run a charity you can flaunt your brand logo on a bunch of plastic water bottles and promote your business in a subtle but cost-effective way.


So, if you feel like your gift and promotion ideas need elevation, go for a quality water bottle that can be personalized from scratch!   Speaking of quality if you’re concerned about durability, opt for Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Tritan® materials. This way, you’re 100% certain that it won’t break. These top-notch custom water bottles make perfect gifts for your best customers and top performing managers and staff.





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