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A Complete Guide to Custom Reusable Straws

A Complete Guide to Custom Reusable Straws


With climate change and care for planet earth top of mind, along came the concern to reduce plastic waste because of its negative impact on our oceans and marine life. As a result, plastic straws became an easy target as they are not easily recycled   So they are gradually being banned by more and more cities, counties and states while citizens are encouraged to use reusable straws or at least biodegradable paper straws.


People love promos that are useful and impactful for the environment too, so reusable straws have been garnering great appeal as a promotional advertising medium. Below is a complete walkthrough on how to choose the perfect reusable straw to add a spark to your logo merch mix.




the history of custom reusable straws The History

What is the history of Custom Reusable Straws?


According to history, Sumerians were the first ones to make straws for drinking beer, so they could avoid consuming solid byproducts of the fermentation contained in beer. In fact, the oldest gold tube inlaid drinking straw with the precious blue stone lapis lazuli was found in a Sumerian tomb circa 3,000 BCE.


Moreover, Argentina and their neighboring countries had been using a similar metallic device, a Bombilla to help them drink mate tea. This acted as both a straw and sieve.


Around the 1800s, straws were manufactured using rye grass due to their cheap and soft nature. However, they were easily turned into mush when they met liquids plus they had a grassy taste. Due to the shortcomings of the rye grass straw, American inventor Marvin C. Stone patented the modern paper drinking straw in 1888.


Today, the branded reusable straws we use are mostly manufactured with silicone, bamboo, and metal. They come in various styles, colors, and shapes so there is sure to be one perfect for your next promotion.




printing custom reusable straws The Printing

How can I customize my Logo Reusable Straw?


Full Color

Full-color digital printing consists of combining four colors: Cyan, Magenta, yellow, and black plus adding white.  Here the we print a digital-based image directly onto a variety of media. With promotional reusable straws you can print on the storage pouch or in some instances even print on the straw.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is not a printing method per se, however, this decoration method involves engraving objects such as wood, plastics, metals, stone, glass, and manufacturing jewelry using lasers. Because laser engraving doesn’t use any inks, it lasts longer - like forever-  and is more efficient than traditional printing methods.  As such, we commonly engrave metal and bamboo straws.


Pad Printing

Pad printing is another popular method of printing custom reusable straw cases. This process consists of transferring a 2D image onto 3D objects using clichés through a silicone pad. Clichés A.K.A. print or image plates are etched with custom artwork where the ink is held in their cavity.




reusable straw materials The Materials

What materials are common for Logo Reusable Straws?


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a non-corrosive, durable, temperature resistant, long-lasting, and recyclable material used for making promotional reusable straws.



Bamboo is a well-known evergreen perennial flowering plant that is often used to create sturdy structures, manufacture fabric, etc. Bamboo straws are gradually coming into the spotlight due to their sustainability, ease of cleaning, and inexpensive cost.



Silicone is made up of siloxane which is a rubber-like substance. Silicone has low thermal conductivity, and low toxicity, shows thermal stability, and it avoids microbiological growth. It is also oxygen, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV) light resistant, which is ideal for making branded reusable straws, cooking utensils, etc.



Plastic is a commonly used, lightweight material due to its adaptability, flexibility, and durability. Not to mention, it is quite inexpensive to produce, hence the widespread use.   Here we are using a heavy grade plastic like acrylic to make it reusable vs the flimsy disposable straw often used in restaurants.



Glass is an often transparent, non-crystalline and recyclable material that is commonly used for making food containers, tableware, etc.




reusable straw styles The Styles

What styles are popular for Logo Reusable Straws?


Straight – These are no frills reusable straws that are long and straight.


Bent Top - These straws have a slight slant toward the top of the straw to make you comfortable while using sipping and generally do not bend otherwise.


Collapsible - Telescopic reusable straws are a space-saving product. You can easily hold them between your thumb and index finger when collapsed and carry them on the go.  As an added benefit, when telescopic you can also adjust the length of your branded reusable straws according to the height of the liquid container.


2-Piece - These types of straws come in 2 pieces for easy storage.


Mood Straw – Mood straws are a fun invention that change color according to the temperature of your drink.  Kids and fun-loving adults love them!


Tipped – These are metal straws that have silicone tips so you can avoid any potential metallic taste and protect your lips.




reusable straw features The Features

What features are typical in Custom Reusable Straws?


Cleaner Brush - Promotional reusable straws usually come with a cleaner brush, so you can get in there and take any gunk out thoroughly.


Case – Reusable straws often come in both soft and hard-sided cases where you can store your straws safely.


Carabiner – Some branded reusable straws may even have an added carabiner (Metal loop) for you to attach your straw case to your bag to avoid misplacing it and make for convenient access on the go.


Keychain – A Keychain loop at the top of the straw case allows you to attach your reusable straw it to your home and car keys so it is always easily at hand.


Phone Stand - Some straw cases even offer you a small phone stand to keep your phone upright. It’s all about multiuse focused on convenience and usability.


Bottle Opener – These are high-quality reusable straw cases that also include a metal opener on their casing that acts as a bottle opener.




cleaning reusable straws The Cleaning

What is the best way to clean a Reusable Straw?


Cleaning your reusable straw should be done regularly because beverages like smoothies with solid bits could build up against your straw’s inner walls over time. The more often you clean it, the less gunk to surprise you on your next sip and the healthier you will be.  


Here a quick cleaning guide:





 The Brands

finalstraw logo      oxo logo        klean kanteen logo

The Bottom Line on Custom Reusable Straws The Bottom Line

Why choose a Custom Reusable Straw for your next promotion?


Yes, you'll find hundreds of excellent promotional products among the practical tools we all use daily. However, reusable straws help the planet, are truly personal, can be fun and funky, and offer a plethora of choices.  So you are sure to find one you’ll love!


Whether as a wedding favor or as a company branded promotional item, reusable straws are a great medium to display your logo, business name, or message day after day while feeling good about your gift choice.


What's more, with reusable straws you have a wide variety of choices – from material to added functions and features, you are bound to fine one that fits your needs.


So, take your logo merch gift giving up a notch by choosing a branded reusable straw for your next customer gift.






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