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Add some Zing to your next Event with a custom plastic cup.

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A Complete Guide to Custom Plastic Cups

A Complete Guide to Custom Plastic Cups


Are you aware that the basic, reusable plastic cups you use on a daily basis can be transformed into personalized plastic cups that could reach millions of people while advertising your business?


Regardless of the answer, if you’re interested in getting the upper hand from your competitors out there, this is your ultimate guide to customize any plastic cup.




the history of custom plastic cups The History

What is the history of Custom Plastic Cups?


Back in 1908, Lawrence Luellen invented the disposable cone-shaped paper cup. Luellen and Hugh Moore wanted to put a stop to people drinking water from public water barrels with germ-ridden shared cups and unintentionally spreading germs.


This grave health scare motivated Luellen and Hugh Moore to market the Health Kup in 1912 that was later renamed as the Dixie Cup.


Later, Luellen and Moore developed a disposable paper ice cream cup that included lids. These cups flaunted images of various sports figures, movie stars, and animals which was the turning point where people recognized cups as a convincing advertising piece. 


At that time, the rage was the paper cup. However, Robert Leo Hulseman, who was the son of one of Dixie’s employees, invented the iconic, sturdy solo cup made with resilient materials in the 1970s, marking the rise of printed plastic cups.




printing custom plastic cups  The Printing

How can I customize my Logo Plastic Cups?


Full Color

Branded plastic cups can be printed with Full-color printing whereby a digital-based image is printed directly onto the cup. The full-color process combines four primary color - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and often adding white too -  to create a detailed and brilliant logo imprint.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving refers to marking or engraving an object such as wood, plastics, metals, stone, and glass, etc. using lasers. Jewelers in particular find laser engraving quite handy due to the precision it provides when etching jewelry. Besides, laser engraving doesn’t depend on ink which makes it more efficient and longer-lasting than nearly all other logo decoration methods.


Screen or Pad Printing

Screen and Pad Printing are the king of cost-effective plastic cup customization.  They both use ink applied mechanically, however, the ink logo application method differs.  Screen Printing is great for larger imprint areas, like wrap around imprints and uses ink pushed through a chemically etched silk screen of your logo.  On the other hand, Pad Printing is great for stylish, irregularly shaped logo travel mugs. Here a silicone pad picks up ink from a plate etched with your logo and then applies it to the cup.


Embroidered Patch

Embroidery is an elegant craft that involves decorating a material with thread using needles. An embroidered patch infuses a 3D appearance and feel to your custom design.  These patches are often affixed a double wall cup with the exterior wall made of clear plastic so the custom patch is clearly visible.




common materials for custom plastic cups The Materials

What materials are common for Logo Plastic Cups?


Polythene Plastic (Good)

Polyethylene or polythene is the most common plastic that is contemporarily used for making personalized plastic cups, plastic bags, containers such as bottles, etc. The widespread use of Polyethylene stems from it being highly economical and impact-resistant.  


Acrylic Plastic (Better)

Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), A.K.A. Acrylic Plastic, is a transparent thermoplastic that is widely used in the place of glass. It is an ideal substitute for glass cups due to its lightweight and shatter-resistant qualities while also offering a clear view of your beverage.


Tritan ® Plastic (Best)

Tritan ® Plastic is a BPA-free, impact-resistant, and tough plastic that is perfect for manufacturing branded plastic cups. Tritan plastic cups feature exceptional dishwasher durability, a lighter weight than glass, a durable long-lasting formulation, a clear view, and an even greater shatter and crack resistance than acrylic plastic.



custom plastic cup styles The Styles

What styles are popular for Logo Plastic Cups?


Stadium - Stadium plastic cups are flexible and come in a variety of color choices. These are often seen at large sporting events due to their being economical, reusable, and with the right logo - collectible.


Tumbler - Tumblers are used for serving both cold and hot beverages.  These often feature lids and straws and are double walled to prevent “sweating” from iced beverages.


Party - These printed plastic cups feature an iconic shape seen at parties and events the world over.


Wine – Our plastic wine cups are a great substitute for glass wine glasses as they avoid shattering.  They also make great collectibles for wine tasting events and vineyards.


Shot - Branded plastic cups also come in a small shot glass size design. These are often made of thick plastic to provide more durability – like acrylic or Tritan ® plastic.


Pub -  These types of reusable personalized plastic cups feature the iconic pint glass shape and 16 ounce volume.  They can also be double walled to keep your beverage insulated.


Mason Jar - Plastic Mason Jar cups usually come with a lid and drinking straw. They are excellent for broadcasting your brand logo or custom design.




custom plastic cup features The Features

What features are typical in Custom Plastic Cups?


Single Wall - These printed plastic cups are cheaper to manufacture, hence best suited for those on a budget and for those who don’t need their beverages to be insulated as they may be consumed rather quickly.  Again, great for events!


Double Wall - Double wall cups provide more insulation for your beverages while help to prevent sweating.  They are usually made of higher quality acrylic or Tritan ® plastic.


Straw - A drinking straw is a popular feature with Tumblers and Mason Jar plastic cups.


Mood – Mood cups are specially manufactured to change color with the temperature of your beverages.  Kids and adults are sure to love them!


Infuser - An infuser is an enclosure often affixed to the lid of your cup where you can add fruits or tea to make your water tastier to consume.


Handle - A handle allows you to easily and safely carry your personalized plastic cups without freezing or burning your hands.


Lid - A cover to keep your beverage inside your cup without spillage.


Light Up – These flashing cups offer multiple and multicolor LEDs which make them great for night events and parties.


custom plastic cup brands The Brands

tervis logo         cool gear logo         bubba logo           igloo logo


how to clean custom plastic cups The Cleaning

What is the best way to clean a plastic cup?




The Bottom Line on Custom Plastic Cups The Bottom Line

Why choose a Custom Plastic Cup for your next promotion?


Personalized plastic cups are versatile with a wide variety of styles and colors to suit any occasion. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event, an office party or even thinking of gifting someone something fun and exciting, plastic cups are a great choice.  They are not easily shattered like glass, they are reusable and often recyclable, and they can be quite economical.


What’s more, due to their widespread use, your brand logo, business promotion, or your custom design on reusable cups is sure to be seen again and again.


So, if you’re zeroing in on promoting your brand or business, you will surely want to include custom plastic cups, the ultimate affordable promotional piece, into your advertising strategy.




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