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Discover an Easy and Consistent Way to Make Income Working from Home

Join the exciting and professional advertising industry

Zeus Merch is a family-owned business with a 65+ year reputation that makes it easier than ever for you to start making income right from home! Just sign up and start earning up to 20% commission within a few days. Plus, we are now accepting new sales partners.  So, this is your chance to join the exciting, creative and professional advertising industry while partnering with a business that truly cares about and rewards sales partners for their hard work!

  • HUGE demand - Logo Merch is a $24 billion dollar industry ... plus premium brand name products makes your dropship sales EASY

  • Unlike other affiliate and dropship programs, you DON’T need a massive email list, social media account, or community to get started (revealed below)

  • Consistent, reliable income - Many of your new clients will become recurring customers that keep coming back for more!

  • No cap to your earnings - Feel free to sell, sell, sell and make as much money as you want or need!

  • Effortless sales - All you do is point a customer in our direction and we do EVERYTHING else. 


Business to business side hustle sales
This isn’t “Door to Door” or “Party” style Selling

This Is BIG TICKET Business To Business Selling

Turn your B2B Sales Side Hustle into a 6 Figure Career


If you’re tired of traditional partner programs and affiliate sales where you’re just barely making $20 on each sale, then THIS is the dropship program for you!


We’re looking for professional partners, folks with a passion for marketing and advertising, who prefer to sell big ticket clients and make big money, rather than people who want to sell B2C type products piece by piece.


How big we talkin’? Keep reading. (You’ll be surprised)


Since you’ll be selling to companies, agencies, organizations, schools, and event planners, you can expect some BIG orders…


And we’ve seen average order amounts of $500…$800...even $1,000 PER order!  


And if you are signed up as a Sales Titan with up a whopping 20% commission, YOU can make $200+ PER order!


Sounds a little better than those tiny little click bank sales you’ve been fumbling around with, right?


In fact, many promotional product sales and marketing professionals report 6 figure incomes just from their Merch sales ALONE!


consistent sales

Consistent Sales and Quality of Service keeps the Money Flowing into Your Pocket.

We’ve been in business for over 65 years. As a hardworking, family-owned company, the quality of our products and service ALWAYS comes first.


Why? Because we LOVE our partners, and we want them to have a legitimate career that they can depend on. After all, when you make money, we do too, so we want to provide the strongest support system, best products, and best service to ensure you KEEP getting sales once you start!


That’s why we have such an amazing line of high quality, bestselling and premium products. This is the stuff that every company wants and needs. And when you sell a premium product its not flimsy, cheap, or tacky. It’s a trusted brand, people are sure to love. And these brand names are going to help you out a TON with your recurring sales!


In fact, the #1 reason why so many of our partners earn recurring commissions that turn into reliable income is the consistency of sales in this industry.


Meaning MOST of the clientele that will buy from you will KEEP buying from you!  Repeat orders, as we call them, are the holy grail.


In other words...once you land a couple great clients...you may not need to do any more outreach if you already have enough monthly income from your top customers! 


And that’s just ONE of the reasons why our business and industry is one of the absolute best options for people who need to make money at home consistently and don’t have a lot of time to prospect for new clients all day. 


You just land your first clients, we do all the work, and when your clients want more of those same pens, mugs, tote bags or T-shirts (and they will!) they’ll come right back to YOU.


And this is why SO many of our partners CONTINUE to generate sales for several years...and some even DECADES!


Sounds pretty good, right?

social empire


Get Started Without an Email List, Social Empire, or Massive Community of Followers!


It seems like every partnership says the same thing, right?


“Make massive amounts of money...as long as you have 1 million followers to promote the product to!”


But you don’t have time to build an empire of followers...you need to start making money sooner rather than later.


Luckily, you’re in the RIGHT industry!


You see, this is the secret that the top 2% of dropship and affiliate marketers are using. They choose big ticket sales that massive clients are HUNGRY for, such as the promotional product industry.


And since you’re dealing with big ticket clients, all it takes is a fast and easy 1 on 1 message to the right person, and boom! You could be $200 richer!


You can send a few messages from your living room for 20 minutes a day, right? Good. Because that maybe all it takes to achieve your goal!


Once you get the hang of this and nail down a great outreach approach on LinkedIn, Facebook, or even just face to face with some contacts of yours, you could EASILY start selling 3-4 of these orders per week …  


That means you could be making an extra $3200 per month. Sounds pretty good, right? 


Imagine all of the groceries bought...bills paid...and your friends will be mindblown how you’re doing it all from home on your schedule instead of punching the clock!  A lot of our partners like to use their Zeus income as a nice safety net for these kinds of expenses so they never have to worry about them!


premium brands

Zeus Merch’s Premium Brands and Products make Selling a Breeze


Zeus Merch offers some of the most popular brands around for clients to custom print on. After 65 years in the custom merch industry, we’ve secured deals with these powerhouse brands:

  • Nike
  • The North Face
  • Champion
  • Camelbak
  • Wenger Swiss Army
  • High Sierra


And trust us, as soon as you mention even 1 of these brands, you’ll on your way to gaining trust and winning a sale in no time...not mention earning a big commission in your pocket!


product selection

On top of that, our selection to choose from is ENORMOUS!



  • T Shirts, Long Sleeves, Hoodies
  • Masks
  • Glasses
  • Backpacks (These sell like CRAZY)
  • Massagers
  • Lip Balm
  • Wipes
  • Multi Tools
  • Bottle Openers
  • Tank tops, V-Necks, Polos 
  • Jackets
  • Hats (An easy and very common extra $100 on most orders!)
  • Office Products (Pens, Notebooks, USB Chargers)
  • Headphones
  • Wallets
  • Chargers
  • And SO Much More


But what does our vast inventory mean to YOU as a partner?


It means your chance of landing a sale goes through the roof by 1,000,000% *approximation only*


Why? Because 9 times out of 10 businesses and organizations like to buy ALL of their custom merch from the same supplier and sales partner. This helps them save a lot of time, money, and hassle.


Also, because our range of inventory is focused on the bestselling products, you’ll be MORE likely to be able to give a prospect exactly what they’ve been looking for.


That means EASIER sales for you once your prospect hears that they can:


A) Get ALL of their merch items in one place




B) Have ALL of the specific items they’ve been looking for!


In other words, we did the hard work up front so YOU don’t have to!  And if for some crazy odd reason we don't have just the product they want, our team will work to get it added to the website within a few business days.


sales partner custom websiteNow here’s the best part.

We also hook up all of our partners with their own personalized web page

Perfect for use in their promotions!


This helps our partners get up and running practically the next day with a modern and effective website, and we’ll do exactly the same for you.


If you’re looking for a side-hustle that doubles as a legitimate career opportunity, then look no further!


You’ll see that partnering with Zeus Merch isn’t just a way to make a little extra cash...it’s possible to make serious money AND partner with a hardworking family business with over 65 years of reputation in the Promotional Products industry!


So instead of signing up with some other dropship program that doesn’t give you support, consistent sales opportunities or premium products, join our sales partner family now to start a career that’s professional, dependable, and rewarding!


Ready to sign up? Choose from one of our three tiers to start making money! 


BONUS #1 - Exclusive access to our Facebook Members Group


BONUS #2 - Surprise Contests To Win Preimum Prizes!


BONUS #3 - Expert education on logo merch, including our favorite tricks and hacks to start selling!


Once you’re a Zeus Merch partner, you won’t BELIEVE how easy it can be to make money from home.

Sign up now!