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While not quite a billboard for your brand, they are mightly close.

  1. 4oz Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
    From $1.99 to $3.47
    Min Qty: 200
  2. Min Qty: 250
  3. Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
    From $1.50 to $2.63
    Min Qty: 150
  4. Min Qty: 150
  5. Foldaway Tote Bag
    From $2.89 to $5.06
    Min Qty: 50
  6. Voyager Tote Bag
    From $5.65 to $9.89
    Min Qty: 50
  7. Min Qty: 25
  8. Min Qty: 25
  9. Min Qty: 24
  10. Non-Woven Economy Tote Bag
    From $0.99 to $1.73
    Min Qty: 150
  11. Min Qty: 150
  12. Min Qty: 200
  13. Min Qty: 150
  14. Min Qty: 288
  15. Large Jute Tote
    From $4.41 to $6.50
    Min Qty: 100
  16. Min Qty: 200
  17. Min Qty: 150
  18. Eros Non-Woven Shopper Tote
    From $1.17 to $2.36
    Min Qty: 150
  19. Min Qty: 200
  20. Min Qty: 150
  21. 🌈 FULL COLOR

    Min Qty: 48
  22. Min Qty: 200
  23. Min Qty: 400
  24. Min Qty: 350
  25. Min Qty: 100
  26. Min Qty: 300
  27. Min Qty: 150
  28. Min Qty: 100
  29. Min Qty: 150
  30. Min Qty: 100
  31. Min Qty: 144

A Complete Guide to Custom Tote Bags

A Complete Guide to Custom Tote Bags


If you are both an environmentalist and a fashionista, custom tote bags definitely must have crossed your path. However, customizing your tote bags can be a bit overwhelming and that’s why we’re going to walk you through a simple yet detailed guide on how to own a tote bag that's on style.



the history of custom tote bags The History

What is the history of Custom Tote Bags?


Tote bags are often denoted as large and unfastened bags with parallel handles located on the sides.


Many tote bags fall into the reusable shopping bags category. They were first introduced in 1977 in the U.S. These original tote bags were made of sturdy cloth, such as canvas, and featured dyed or treated fabric to ward off moisture and mold.


Today, cheap Logo tote bags are usually available for purchase at your local grocery store and often given away at tradeshows and events.  They are often made with recycled or minimally processed natural fibers.


These bags have become a craze across the world due to their eco-friendly nature that allows the bag to be reused multiple times versus plastic shopping bags. On top of that, businesses use printed tote bags as a perfect advertisement tool to shout their brand message.



how to print custom tote bags The Printing

How can I customize my logo Tote Bag?


Full Color

Full-color printing refers to printing full-colored images using 4 colors including cyan, magenta, yellow and black. On dark color bags, white ink is added as an under base to provide a vibrant imprint.  The advantage to digital full color printing even with 1 or 2 color logos is that it can provide gradients and close color registrations perfectly.



Embroidered tote bags are created by decorating the bags’ fabric surface using needles, thread, and yarn. Today, embroidery of logos and designs is generally done using a computerized embroidery machine.  Embroidery is an ideal way to highlight a brand logo as it provides a raised appearance with the threads stitched on top of the fabric.  Embroidered tote bags are especially common when used for recognition due to their cost being a higher than printed tote bags.


Screen Printing

Screen printing primarily uses a squeegee, a mesh, and a blocking stencil to create colorful prints. The ink is transferred onto the fabric through the mesh as the squeegee is pushed over the screen creating your custom tote bag. Screen printing is a very cost effective solution for basic designs and one color imprints.



Debossing is the opposite of embossing. This process involves applying pressure on the object and creating a depression on it. This decoration method creates a permanent depth to any design thereby emphasizing it.


the fabrics of custom tote bags The Materials

What materials are common for Logo Tote Bags?



Cotton fiber is extracted from cotton plants and commonly used for manufacturing garments and in creating lightweight tote bags.



Jute is a long, shiny, and soft fiber that is made from flowering Jute plants. It is often sought after by makers of burlap, Hessian cloth, wrappers, wall-coverings, upholstery, and custom tote bags, etc.



Polyester is a low-cost, quick-drying, less likely to crease, synthetic fiber.


600D Polyester

600D polyester is a heavy-duty fabric that is the top choice for manufacturing many high-quality backpacks, luggage, and tote bags. The thickness and the durability are the key characteristics that draw further attention to this fabric.


Polypro Non-Woven

Polypropylene non-woven fabric has become a dominate material in custom tote bags for a host of reasons.  First, it can be and is often made from recycled plastics. Second, it is durable and resistant to rips and tears unlike regular plastic bags.  A Polypro Non-Woven Tote can last for years.  Third, as a plastic is resistant to bacteria, mold, moths, rot or mildew.  it may look like a fabric, but it is a plastic and being non-woven also make it extremely cost effective.  Fourth, a plastic it is water resistant and may be easily cleaned with disinfectants. Fifth and finally, these bags may also again be recycled.



Plastic is a widespread product that appears in almost everything. It is lightweight, flexible, and low-priced which are what have led to its popularity.  On the downside, unless made densely, they can tear easily and cheap shopping bags are a common source of litter and ocean pollution worldwide.



Vinyl is a non-woven plastic that is made with polyurethane. It isn’t prone to fray while being stretchable at the same time.  Today, Vinyl tote bags are popular for event and stadium use because they can made clear allowing for easy inspection by event security.  



Paper is a product of cellulose fibers extracted from wood, rags, grasses, or other vegetable sources. These fibers are sifted, drained, pressed, and dried to create paper stock which can then be used to produce shopping bags.


Recycled PET

Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET is a highly recyclable material commonly used in packaging such as bottles, food containers, pharmaceutical products, and yes - tote bags. PET is known to be one of the most common consumer plastics around. Step it up and choose a recycled PET toe bag to go the extra mile in eco-friendliness.


the styles of custom tote bags The Styles

What styles are popular for Logo Tote Bags?


Shopping - These commonly logo printed tote bags are perfect for grocery stores, book stores, markets, etc. While they are basic, they are needed and helpful for any shopping trip.  In promotional shopping totes the king is currently reasonably priced, reusable, recyclable Polypropylene bags.


Trade Show – Tradeshow tote bags help businesses build brand awareness by flashing your logo or message across the trade show floor as attendees walk from booth to booth picking up flyers that may be of interest to them.


Boat - Mostly manufactured with cotton canvas, boat tote bags feature front pockets and top zippered closures. These are ideal for a day trip on a boat, at the park, or beach.  For advertising, think vacation or destination related businesses and for recognition are a common gift for sales incentive trip winners. 


Wine - Wine tote bags are made for carrying wine, and champagne bottles safely. They can hold one bottle or multiple bottles and make logo merch for wineries and wine stores.


Stadium - Stadium tote bags are clear tote bags allowed at sports events, concerts, and airports to enable quickly moving through security.  For your next group outing to the game with staff or clients they make perfect gifts.


Beach - The exceptional water-resistant quality in Beach tote bags lets you carry all of your belongings safely to your day out at the beach and many also feature a mesh construction to prevent sand build up.


Business - A fashionable tote bag for office use.  Some business totes even feature a built-in laptop or tablet cushioned pocket.


Gift – Gift totes are step up from shopping bags.  They are designed to be distinctive and celebratory.


Travel – Stylish travel tote bags feature pockets galore – think gum or mints, keys, water bottles, even a tablet etc. - and are often designed to easily pash through airport security.


Fashion – These tote bags are usually more about being eye catching than utilitarian.  They are designed to make a statement.  


Utility - These totes are pocket kings and designed to hold all your essential tools and supplies while on the move.


Euro totes - Extremely these distinctive paper bags feature a matte or glossy laminate finish, rope handle and gusset bottom.  They the perfect shopping tote for an upscale event or boutique.


the features of a custom tote bag The Features

What features are typical in Custom Tote Bags?


Laminated – Lamination on custom tote bags provides a smooth, water-resistant finish making them easy to clean. 


Insulated Insulated tote bags have a thermal lining that is both heat-sealed and water-resistant.  These are popular with butcher shops.


Hook and Loop Closure – This closure system protects your belongings from falling out.


Pockets- Pockets may be on the inside or outside of the bag.  Pockets can be specially designed to suit common items like water bottles, tablets and charger cables.


Metallic – A Metallic finish adds glitz and glam to your tote.  A personalized metallic finish tote makes a perfect gift bag for dances, parties and other glamorous events.


The parts of a custom tote bag The Parts

What are the typical parts of a Logo Tote Bag?


The Handles – These are essential to any tote bag and maybe created in several different ways.


The Gusset – A gusset is an extra piece of fabric added on the bottom or sides of your custom tote bag to make it roomier and infuse more strength.  Instead of one seam holding the load, two are created with a gusset.  And we all know two is better than one!


Pockets – A bonus to any tote bags is the addition of pockets.  These make finding things much faster vs digging around the entire bag you just locate and retrieve from the pocket.


Closure – The most popular closure method is a zipper across the top.  But some totes may feature a simple hook and loop closure that may feature Velcro ® or even a buckle. A closure is one sure to protect your belongings and is popular on boat and travel tote bags.



The Bottom Line on Custom Tote Bags The Bottom Line

Why choose a Custom Tote Bag for your next event promotion?


Needless to say, tote bags are an exceptional accessory due to their versatility. Regardless of the occasion, you’re sure to find the most faultless embroidered tote bag that fits. From trade show and grocery store styles to fashion or beach totes, custom tote bags have become one of the most sought-after accessories in the world.


As a result of being the rage right now, personalized tote bags act as an easy on the eyes advertising medium for businesses to promote their brands. Why? Because they have a massive branding area on them. So, your customized design will cross everybody's eyes.


What's more, printed tote bags come in a wide range of prices, allowing you to stick to your budget while designing the perfect tote bag for you next promotion or recognition event.



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