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Be it the gym, the beach or a trek across campus, these bags are a cinch!

  1. Small Hit Sports Pack
    From $1.45 to $2.54
    Min Qty: 150
  2. Large Hit Sports Pack
    From $2.19 to $3.84
    Min Qty: 150
  3. Big Muscle Sports Pack
    From $7.99 to $13.98
    Min Qty: 100
  4. Tri-Color Sports Pack
    From $2.39 to $4.17
    Min Qty: 150
  5. Min Qty: 100
  6. Min Qty: 150
  7. Heat Seal Drawstring Bag
    From $1.49 to $2.54
    Min Qty: 150

    Oriole Drawstring Bag
    From $1.81 to $2.81
    Min Qty: 150

A Complete Guide to Custom Drawstring Bags

A Complete Guide to Custom Drawstring Bags


Drawstring bags are a type of bag that exudes simplicity. This is exactly why they've been retaining their spot in the limelight for years.


Drawstring bags comprise a string, lace, cord, or rope that is used to “Draw” or in other words gather the opening of the bag and close it safe and tight. The cord can be either tied together to keep it in place or secured with a cord lock to easily open and close the bag.


So, If you enjoy no intricate closure mechanisms in bags, bold fashion statements, and versatility, you should consider adding a personalized drawstring bag to your bag collection.



 the history of drawstring bags The History

What is the history of Custom Drawstring Bags?


The versatility and the contemporary designs of custom drawstring bags may fool many of us and have us think that it is a modern invention. However, they date far back to the 14th century. Back then, people used to carry drawstring bags that were attached to girdles through a long cord fastened to their waists. These were specifically created to carry their money around without being robbed.


During this time, embellished drawstring bags were a crucial part of women’s attire that helped display their social status. These were typically called Hamondeys or Tasques.


In the same way, these people used drawstring bags to exhibit their social status, nowadays many businesses take advantage of personalized drawstring bags to promote their brands.



 how to customize your drawstring bag The Printing

How can I customize my logo Drawstring Bag?


Full Color

Full-color digital printing is done using four colors including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. This method is using digital-based images to print colorful designs directly onto a variety of media.



Embroidery is a craft where your drawstring bag is decorated with thread. This method is elegant and infuses a 3D look and feel making it ideal for creating logos.


Screen Printing

Screen printing produces vivid colored prints with the help of a mesh, squeegee, and blocking stencils that hold your preferred design. When the ink is rolled over the mesh with the squeegee, the final artwork is transferred onto the substrate.



 what fabrics are best for drawstring bags The Materials

What fabrics are common for Logo Drawstring Sportpacks?



Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is made at low cost, quick-drying, and less likely to crease. Hence, perfect for sweatshirts and other sportswear.


600D Polyester

600D Polyester is a thick, and heavy-duty fabric that is ideal for making durable drawstring backpacks, luggage, computer or device cases, etc.


Polypro Non-Woven

Polypropylene non-woven fabric is a cost effective material which is often made from recycled plastics. Beyond that it is durable, water resistant and can also again be recycled.



Cotton fabric is created from the fibers that are harvested from cotton plants. Cotton retains its fame for being biodegradable, breathable, and soft.



Nylon is another thermoplastic silky material that is often used in apparel, flooring, and rubber reinforcement, etc. 



Vinyl is a synthetic fabric that is used in manufacturing sports, fire protective clothing, equipment covers, etc. It is a highly durable, abrasion, moisture, and water-resistant fabric that is also easy to clean.


Recycled PET

Polyethylene Terephthalate A.K.A. PET is one of the most common of highly recyclable consumer plastics that are often used for making packaging material such as bottles and containers.



 which styles are popular for drawstring bags The Styles

Which styles are most popular for Logo Drawstring Bags?


Basic - These custom drawstring bags are made with simple designs and usually come with no pockets.


Stadium - Stadium drawstring bags are manufactured with clear PVC material to easily see what’s packed inside. Ideal for sports events, travel, etc.  The clear bag makes moving through event security a breeze compared to otherwise.


Reflective - Drawstring bags are made with reflective fabrics to make them more visible in dark. They are great for walkers or bikers.


Fashion - Fashionable, personalized drawstring bags are popular among women because they come in various eye-catching designs and materials. Sequined bags with fancy drawstrings, printed patterns, leather, or shiny finishing around the opening of the bag are just to name a few.


Packable - Packable drawstring bags are a versatile invention that comes with their own pouch.  Because the pouch is a part of the bag, when you’re traveling, or it is not in use, you can fold and pack your bag inside of it which is a huge space saver and super convenient.



 drawstring bag features The Features

What features are typical in Custom Drawstring Bags?


Insulated - Insulated drawstring backpacks and bags come with a heat-sealed and water-resistant thermal lining to keep your belongings cool or warm.


Pockets - Drawstring bags often feature pockets located both inside and outside the bag. These can be specifically designed to hold water bottles, charger cables, and even tablets so they fit right in and don’t slip away or get easily damaged in transit.


RFID Security Pocket - Radio frequency identification (RFID) pockets that are included in custom drawstring bags help prevent other criminals from stealing information on your credit cards, passports, etc.


Top Grab Handle - A small handle on the top of the drawstring bags for you to grip and carry them easily.


Hanging Ring – A ring to hang your custom drawstring backpack easily and keep your belongings safe.


Zippered - An additional zipper to keep your belongings safely stored inside your drawstring bag.


Waterproof – Often called a “dry bag”.  These drawstring bags seam sealed and perfect for a day on the water, be via boat or beach.



 Drawstring bag parts The Parts

What are the typical parts of a Logo Drawstring Bag?


Drawstring Closure – The Drawstring closure makes sure that your bag is properly closed when the string is pulled to gather the bag at the top.


The Shoulder Straps - Shoulder straps of custom drawstring backpacks are specifically designed to keep you comfortable when you're carrying the bag.


Grommets - Grommets are the eyelets that are placed around the bottom corners of the drawstring bag to insert the rope or the string around. With these, the string can be securely and easily gathered.


Pockets -  common pockets help you organize your stuff in separate places. So, when you’re in a hurry, you won’t be combing through the whole bag to locate one item.


drawstring bag brandsThe Brands


              Koozie Logo

slazenger logo


 The Bottom Line on Custom Drawstring bags The Bottom Line

Why choose a Custom Drawstring Bag for your next event promotion?


Custom drawstring backpacks and bags are the epitome of hassle-free packing. There are no fancy and over-complicated closures included which is a huge Yes, Yes. Simpler IS better!  Be that as it may, they simultaneously still provide the right amount of protection and uniqueness to your bag.


Moreover, fashionable drawstring bags are ideal for gifts as well. So don’t miss your chance to get the upper hand by opting for this perfectly practical gift.


Not to mention, whether it’s for the gym, school, corporate use, or as a fashion item, drawstring bags fit any occasion. As a bonus, they offer you a huge visible area to flaunt your business logo or event promotion wherever they go.


So, if you’re thinking of taking your branding game up a notch, tap a custom drawstring bag as part of your mix, because they will surely bring you results.



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