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Amp up the "cool" factor of your next staff or customer gift.

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A Complete Guide to Custom Lunch Bags and Coolers

A Complete Guide to Custom Lunch Bags & Coolers


Did you know that lunch bags are one of the biggest tools that advertising companies store up their sleeves to promote their brands? Given the massive printing area, who wouldn't?


That's right! They are not just for keeping your food fresh anymore.


So, if you are wondering about promoting your brand, flaunting your personality, or simply trying to find the best way to keep your food healthy and fresh, getting your hands on one of these carefully personalized lunch bags is your best bet!



 the history of custom coolers The History

What is the history of Logo Coolers?


In the old days, people would carry rigid containers just for the sake of packing their food. However, with the birth of more health-conscious people, healthy and easier options such as custom coolers were invented.


These insulated bags have been on top of their game for many years by being useful for medical/pharmaceutical, and food delivery purposes and safely packing lunch, etc.


Sometimes referred to as thermal bags, coolers come with insulating materials and refrigerant gels to prolong the coldness or even hotness of items.


Commercial thermal shopping bags were first introduced around the mid-1980s in Europe by grocery shops. The first bag to deliver hot pizzas was invented in 1983 by Ingrid Kosar.


Today, custom lunch bags boast hundreds of styles and designs to equally fulfill their purposes in maintaining the freshness of food, business promotions, and fashion.



 how to customize your cooler bag The Printing

How can I customize my Branded Coolers?


Full-Color Digital

Full-color digital printing produces colorful end results using 4 colors including cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The digital-based images directly printed on a variety of media allows you to unlimitedly customize your designs.



Embroidered cooler bags garner more attention due to their elegant representation of your custom design. The 3d embossed effect that is created with thread is ideal for logo printing.


Screen or Pad Printing

Screen printing creates bright-colored prints on the objects using a squeegee, mesh, and blocking stencils. These stencils hold your design and once the ink is stroked over the mesh with a squeegee, the artwork is transferred onto the object neatly.


Pad printing is used to transfer 2D images onto 3D objects using silicone rubber pads and clichés or print plates. These image plates are etched with the custom design and filled with ink that is later transferred to the material of the personalized lunch bags.



Debossing is the opposite of embossing. Rather than raising a design, this method creates a depression of it while applying pressure on the front side of a substrate. Even though not raised, this also successfully brings out a 3D effect on the final design.



 custom lunch bag materialsThe Materials

What materials are best for Logo Coolers?


Insulated custom lunch bags’ outer layer is often made with durable plastic fabrics such as Nylon or Polyester that are both tear and stain-resistant.




 custom cooler bags insulation types  The Insulation

Which insulation types are best for Branded Coolers?


Logo coolers are usually made with water-resistant materials such as plastic, aluminum, vinyl, and often foil liners in order to improve the contents' freshness and dryness.


What is the R-value of coolers?

Simply put, the R-value is the thermal resistance per unit area. So, the higher the R-value is, the better will be your cooler’s performance. R-value is determined by the type of insulation, its thickness and its density.


What are the available insulation types?

Polyurethane (PU) Foam - Polyurethanes are often incorporated in manufacturing high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, spray foam, etc.


Expanded or Extruded Polystyrene (PS) - Polystyrene, A.K.A. Styrofoam® comes in both Expanded and Extruded varieties. Expanded (EPS) is often used for making food containers, molded sheets for building insulation, and packing material. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is usually used in model building and crafts.


Polyethylene (PE) Foam - PE foam falls among the light-weight, low-cost, durable, resilient, flexible, shock-absorbing, mildew and mold resistant, closed-cell materials.


Vacuum Insulation - Vacuum insulation removes all air between two walls creating a vacuum that is not easily penetrated thereby keeping your beverages or food fresh – either cold or hot inside your custom cooler.

 what are the top styles of custom lunch bags The Styles

What top styles are there for Logo Coolers?


Backpack - These custom coolers are designed as backpacks to keep you comfortable when carrying them.

Tote - Tote coolers are fashionable and versatile, great for any occasion like a beach or boat trip.

Food & Lunch - Specifically designed to safely pack your food.

Shopping - Lightweight coolers are best suited for shopping.

Wine - Coolers perfectly designed for packing your wine bottles to avoid them from getting warm.

Outdoor & Event - These bags are usually spacious to keep all your belongings particularly safe from water when you’re having an outdoor event.

Gym and Sport - Gym and Sport coolers come in different styles including backpacks, Duffel bags, etc. to pack your food and sports equipment.



 custom cooler bag common features The Features

What features are most common with Branded Coolers?


Rolling - Branded coolers that have wheels to comfortably pull them around.

Music & Audio - Speakers - Bluetooth & Wireless speakers to entertain you on the go.

Pockets - Pockets located in branded coolers help to organize your belongings in separate compartments.

Chairs - Some custom coolers are attached to foldable chairs that are excellent for camping and sporting events.

Drawstring - Cooler bags with a drawstring closure to pull and gather the bag at the top.

Recycled Materials - Made from recycled materials to be environmentally friendly.

Printed Pattern Fabric - Branded coolers that come with printed patterns like Camouflage.



 The Bottom Line on Custom Lunch Bags and Coolers The Bottom Line

What makes Custom Lunch Bags & Coolers great as your next Staff or Customer gift?


Unlike any other practical product that improves the quality of our lives, personalized lunch bags are visible and can be carried everywhere because who doesn’t need their food stuff organized, to avoid spoilage, have their food fresher, beverages cold and refreshing?


Not to mention, no one has to squint to see your custom brand logo on it due to the larger imprint area.


What’s more, with custom lunch bags, your options are endless! From soft or hard-sided, insulated to the maximum or insulated moderately, everybody has a choice that caters to their needs.


So, if you’re still using the same cookie tin to pack your lunch, it’s high time you go for a new, fashionable, and high-quality custom cooler that won’t be hazardous to your health.




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