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Pull your team together with an embroidered custom polo shirt today.

  1. Min Qty: 12
  2. M-Kiso Short Sleeve Polo
    From $31.43 to $47.30
    Min Qty: 12
  3. M-MACTA Short Sleeve Polo
    From $31.43 to $47.30
    Min Qty: 12
  4. W-Kiso Short Sleeve Polo
    From $31.43 to $47.30
    Min Qty: 12
  5. W-MACTA Short Sleeve Polo
    From $31.43 to $47.30
    Min Qty: 12
  6. M-CRANDALL Short Sleeve Polo
    From $19.76 to $29.73
    Min Qty: 12
  7. M-DADE Short Sleeve Polo
    From $17.54 to $26.39
    Min Qty: 12
  8. M-OTIS SS Polo
    From $23.26 to $35.00
    Min Qty: 12
  9. W-CRANDALL Short Sleeve Polo
    From $19.76 to $29.73
    Min Qty: 12
  10. W-DADE Short Sleeve Polo
    From $17.54 to $26.39
    Min Qty: 12
  11. W-OTIS SS Polo
    From $23.26 to $35.00
    Min Qty: 12

    Min Qty: 6
  13. Nike Dri-FIT Heather Polo
    From $64.89 to $106.19
    Min Qty: 6
  14. Min Qty: 6
  15. Min Qty: 6
  16. Min Qty: 6
  17. Nike Dri-FIT Vertical Mesh Polo
    From $50.39 to $84.14
    Min Qty: 6
  18. Min Qty: 6
  19. Nike Dri-FIT Crosshatch Polo
    From $62.69 to $102.84
    Min Qty: 6
  20. Nike - Tech Basic Dri-FIT Polo
    From $64.89 to $106.19
    Min Qty: 6
  21. Min Qty: 6
  22. Nike Dri-FIT Classic Polo
    From $55.19 to $91.44
    Min Qty: 6
  23. Min Qty: 6
  24. Min Qty: 6
  25. Min Qty: 6
  26. Nike Dri-FIT Micro Pique Polo
    From $47.09 to $79.12
    Min Qty: 6
  27. Min Qty: 6
  28. Min Qty: 6
  29. Min Qty: 6
  30. Min Qty: 6
  31. Min Qty: 6
  32. Min Qty: 6
  33. Min Qty: 12
  34. Min Qty: 6
  35. Sport-Tek ® Dri-Mesh ® Polo
    From $26.99 to $54.71
    Min Qty: 6
  36. Min Qty: 12
  37. Min Qty: 12

A Complete Guide to Custom Polo Shirts

A Complete Guide to Custom Polo Shirts


Ok. Who does not own an embroidered polo shirt? Available in both ladies and men’s styles, branded with your logo they are sure to pull your team together. Here’s a quick but complete guide to picking the perfect polo.




The history of custom polo shirts The History

What is the history of Logo Polo Shirts?


A polo is simply a type of shirt that features a collar and a placket neckline with 2 or 3 buttons. They are often short sleeved with an optional pocket. Originally “Polo” shirts were believed to be worn by Polo players in India circa 1859 with long sleeves.


Later in the Roaring Twenties Lewis Lacey, a designer and polo player, introduced a lightweight Embroidered Polo Shirt in his Buenos Aires store. The embroidered polo shirt flaunted a picture of a polo player located on the breast.


The modern short sleeve polo shirt today was designed by French tennis player Rene Lacoste who wanted to lose the long sleeves for both freedom of movement and making it cooler.


As polos were becoming a staple of men’s attire, Ralph Lauren launched a new polo line in 1972. Today, polos have invaded the whole world with their versatile and timeless fashion.




how to customize your logo polo shirt The Printing

How can I customize my Logo Polo Shirt?



Logo Polo Shirts with the Lacoste or Ralph Lauren emblem are two of the most iconic Embroidered Polo Shirts out there. To create your embroidered design, state of art computerized machines run a precise pattern of needle and threads over the shirt fabric. This type of embroidery will help your design to really pop with its resulting 3D look and feel while still being elegant and sophisticated. A high-quality embroidered polo shirt is likely to last longer than a printed logo polo shirt while keeping its fabric integrity intact. Embroidery is the number one decoration method on custom polo shirts.


Full-Color Digital

Full-color digital printed polo shirts involves printing with 4 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plus white when on a dark garment) in order to create full-color designs. The computerized printing of all the colors simultaneously on top of each other results in a vibrant and colorful design. Full color digital printed polo shirts are gaining in popularity and are generally more cost effective than embroidered polo shirts.


Screen Printing

Logo Polo Shirts can also be printed via screen printing. Here, the ink is transferred onto your shirt through a mesh silk screen. A stencil blocks the ink and shapes the final design when a squeegee is moved across the screen.  In high volumes screen printing is very cost effective.  As such, it is a popular printing method for seasonal employee uniforms.


Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing is an ideal, affordable, and an orderly method to print polyester polo shirts. Custom Polo Shirts are either printed using a heat press to transfer a precision cut vinyl logo onto a shirt or using special ink printed onto transfer paper then heat pressing it onto your garment.  These logos may appear shinier and smoother on the surface of the custom polo shirt.




what custom polo shirt fabrics are best The Fabrics

What Custom Polo Shirt fabric is best?



Cotton fibers are extracted from Cotton plants. This fabric is breathable and gives a fluffy and cool feeling to your custom polo shirts. For a special touch, consider an organic cotton polo shirt.



Polyester is a synthetic fiber resulting from a chemical process. This low-cost and quick-drying fabric is durable and does not crease, leading to its popularity in sportswear.


Poly-Cotton Blend

Poly-Cotton polos often are made with 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This blend using both Cotton and Polyester creates a durable, soft, and wrinkle-free custom polo shirt.



Tri-Blend fabric combines Cotton, Polyester, and Rayon which provide breathability, durability, and comfort respectively. An embroidered polo shirt that is made from Tri-Blend is unlikely to rip or fade over time.


Spandex Blend

Spandex is a synthetic fiber that is famous for its exceptional elasticity. Spandex-made logo polo shirts’ offer enhanced comfort during body movements making them perfect for sports.




Sleeve options for custom polo shirts The Sleeves

What are the sleeve options for Custom Polo Shirts?



There is no hard and fast rule that Custom polo shirts must have short sleeves though that is most common. Today, you will find polos in short, long, and ¾ sleeves. There are even sleeveless polo shirts for both ladies and gentlemen.



Ribbed cuff

A ribbed cuff adds a dash of style and features a subtle vertical pattern which is form-fitted on the edge. The elasticity these have provides you a snug fit while still allowing movement.


Hemmed cuff

A Hemmed cuff simply refers to polo shirt sleeves that have a light hem. These feel open and enable smooth movement making them a perfect choice for your next golf outing. 




Common Custom Polo Shirt Features The Features

What features are most common in Logo Polo Shirts?



These custom polo shirts have usually been chemically treated to withstand wrinkling and creasing while holding their shape throughout the day.  However, they often still require ironing or steaming after washing.


Moisture Wicking

Moisture-wicking fabrics are considered to be hi-tech fabrics that especially cater to athletes.  Often made from polyester, they move perspiration away from the body onto the fabric’s outer surface, so it can evaporate. These logo polo shirts usually have a shiny appearance and smooth touch and feel.


Snag Resistant

Custom polo shirts can also made with a snag-resistant quality. This means your precious polo’s fabric will not easily snag, pull, rip or tear when bumped against a rough surface.  Also usually made from polyester, it is critical to ensure the fabric weave is seamless and smooth.  The snag resistant result is an highly durable garment that is perfect for staff uniforms in manufacturing, shipping and logistics.


Stain Resistant

The creation of embroidered polo shirts that are stain-resistant is a feat of modern textile engineering. Stain resistant shirts are chemically sprayed with a finish after production or in advanced designs the fabric and thread maybe treated during weaving.  Stain and soil resistant logo polo shirts are extremely popular in the restaurant and food service industry.


Odor Resistant

An odor-resistant treatment is also available on some custom polo shirts These shirt fabrics include an antimicrobial component that obstructs bad smells.  Odor-resistant fabric created by applying a finish with silver-based compounds and chemicals which are harmful to the bacteria that produce odor.




popular custom polo shirt materials The Materials

What materials are popular for Custom Polo Shirts?



Jersey material is a knitted fabric commonly used for manufacturing custom polo shirts and refers to the weaving style. Although originally made with wool, today, it also incorporates cotton and or synthetic fibers. Jersey material is known for being an exceptionally lightweight, stretchy material resulting in a smooth flat surface.



Piqué is the other common weaving style and is created using a dobby loop attachment which produces a sturdy but breathable fabric. It may be constructed in various patterns such as cord, waffle, honeycomb, and bird's-eye piqués all resulting in a textured look and feel. Because of its superior comfort and durability, it is a popular custom polo shirt fabric.




Common Custom Polo Shirt collars The Collars

What types of Custom Polo Shirt Collars are most common?



The ribbed collar has a vertical pattern on it. Due to this complex weave, these collars are stretchy and comfy.


Shirt Style

This style refers to collars that give your embroidered polo shirt a more formal appearance like that found on a woven shirt.  These collars tend to have a matching weave as the body of your polo.




most popular custom polo shirt fits The Fits

What are the typical fits in Custom Polo Shirts?



Classic polo fit keeps its broad and neat cut throughout the shirt. These are excellent for both men and women.



Slim polo shirts feature a more form fitting profile and are often snug to the body.



The tall fit is perfect for individuals with a long torso.


Men or Women’s

Custom polo shirts are commonly available in both men’s and women’s companion styles. Women’s polo shirts often feature cap or ¾ sleeves and an hourglass silhouette cut.



Yes, there are even Logo polo shirts for young people.  These sized accordingly to fit these young folks and regularly feature vibrant colors.




popular custom polo shirt brands The Brands

What are the most popular Custom Polo Shirt Brands?





Cutter & Buck

Greg Norman

New Era



Tommy Hilfiger






The Bottom Line on Custom Polo shirts The Bottom Line

What makes an Embroidered Polo Shirt a great staff uniform or recognition gift?


Variety: Chances are you will find a custom polo shirt to dress up any occasion. Whether you choose a polo for corporate or personal use, as a gift for someone or a bulk order for low-cost uniforms, Polo shirts offer an endless variety of styles to choose from.


Versatile: Custom polo shirts are quite versatile due to their copious fits, colors, materials, and styles. They are perfectly comfortable at either your next golf or dinner outing.


Comfort: What’s more, custom polo shirts are comfy, breathable, and durable which makes them perfect for both men and women. Honestly, they can feel as comfortable as a T-shirt albeit with a collar.


Fashionable:  Polo shirts are literally everywhere, appearing in top athletic brands such as Nike and UnderArmour to famous brands like TravisMathew and Cutter & Buck.


Options: Logo polo shirts are available in a wide range of prices.  From cheap custom polo shirts for the landscaping crew to luxury branded polo shirts for your next board of directors’ meeting, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs.






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