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    Carhartt® Washed Duck Active Jac
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    Min Qty: 3

    Carhartt ® Duck Traditional Coat
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    Min Qty: 3

    Carhartt ® Duck Vest
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    Carhartt® Duck Detroit Jacket
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    Carhartt ® Shoreline Jacket
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    Min Qty: 12
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  11. M-Egmont Packable Jacket
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  12. M-MATSALU Lightweight Vest
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  13. W-Egmont Packable Jacket
    From $33.12 to $49.81
    Min Qty: 12
  14. W-MATSALU Lightweight Vest
    From $40.14 to $60.38
    Min Qty: 12
  15. M-BANFF Hybrid Insulated Jacket
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  16. M-BOYCE Knit Vest
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  22. W-BANFF Hybrid Insulated Jacket
    From $77.18 to $116.02
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  23. W-BOYCE Knit Vest
    From $36.63 to $55.11
    Min Qty: 12
  24. Min Qty: 12
  25. W-KARMINE Softshell Jacket
    From $38.39 to $57.73
    Min Qty: 12
  26. W-MAXSON Softshell Jacket
    From $47.25 to $71.09
    Min Qty: 12
  27. W-SILVERTON Packable Ins Jkt
    From $77.18 to $116.02
    Min Qty: 12
  28. W-STINSON Softshell Vest
    From $40.23 to $60.52
    Min Qty: 12
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A Complete Guide to Custom Jackets

A Complete Guide to Custom Jackets


Jackets once were simply a garment to cover the upper body that often extended below the hips.  Today Jackets are everywhere to the point that it is nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t own a branded Jacket.


Current Jacket fashion often features a snug-fit with a light but protective structure that is able to pair up with any outfit.


That said, if you’re someone who loves jackets or have been tasked with refreshing your company’s workwear, this guide will show you how to customize Jackets in style.




the history of custom jackets The History

What is the history of Custom Jackets?


Jackets have been around since the Middle Ages when invented as more fitted version of the tunic.  However, beginning of the coats we know today came to light in the 1800s by the Dutch who used it to wear at sea.  These coats were made from coarse wool fabric providing needed warmth while sail and fishing in the cold harsh environment of the North Sea.


However, it was the British Navy who advanced jackets from seafarers only to the eventually the masses. This jacket was a variation of the Dutch coat, mainly used for naval duties, but was the first jacket to become part of a uniform for petty officers.  Naturally, the Americans followed suit for their Navy while adding their own enhancements.  These early US Navy coats were designed for warmth and wind resistance at sea and featured pockets for functionality.


But the true surge of jackets beyond uniform use occurred when the Corriere delle dame, a women's magazine, announcing jackets would become essential in both men and women’s wardrobes in April 1857.




printing custom jackets The Printing

How can I customize my Branded Jacket?



To create your embroidered design, state of art computerized machines run a precise pattern of needle and threads over the shirt fabric. This type of embroidery will help your design to really pop with its resulting 3D look and feel while still being elegant and sophisticated. Embroidery is the number one decoration method on custom jackets.


Full-Color Digital

Full-color digital decoration involves printing with 4 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plus white when on a dark garment) in order to create full-color designs. The computerized printing of all the colors simultaneously on top of each other results in a vibrant and colorful design. Full color digital printed jackets are gaining in popularity and maybe more cost effective than embroidered jackets.


Screen Printing

Jackets can also be printed via screen printing. Here, the ink is transferred onto your jacket through a mesh silk screen. A stencil blocks the ink and shapes the final design when a squeegee is moved across the screen.  In high volumes screen printing is very cost effective.  As such, it is a popular printing method for employee uniforms.  One of the most iconic being printed FBI jackets.


Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing on jacket is accomplished by either printing using a heat press to transfer a precision cut vinyl logo onto a shirt or using special ink printed onto transfer paper then heat pressing it onto your garment.  These logos may appear shinier and smoother on the surface.




custom jacket fabrics The Fabrics

What fabrics are typical in Embroidered Jackets?



Fleece - Fleece is a versatile synthetic fabric that is warm, fuzzy, and soft, yet breathable.  Fleece is a popular outerwear fabric in branded Jackets and vests.


Cotton Duck - A.K.A. duck cloth or duck canvas is a plain-woven cotton fabric that is more heavy and tightly woven than regular canvas. This fabric is commonly seen in custom work jackets, sneakers, tents, and even sandbags.


Polyester - Being a synthetic fiber that is quick-drying and wrinkle resistant, not to mention low cost.


Nylon - This is a lustrous, elastic, strong, tear-resistant, water-proof, quick-drying, synthetic fabric commonly used in printed jackets and raincoats.


Wool - This is a textile fiber obtained from sheep, goats, muskoxen, bison, rabbits, and camels. They are used in blankets, carpeting, and various types of clothing such as jackets.




custom jacket types The Types

What types of Custom Jackets are most popular?


Hardshell - This is the go-to fabric type for manufacturing fully wind and waterproof company logo Jackets.


Softshell - Softshell fabrics are highly flexible, air permeable, and mobility enabling.  They can also maintain comfortable temperatures during the heat.


Lightweight - These company logo Jackets usually are often packable and easy to carry.  They often feature lightweight Polyester or Nylon fabrics than fabrics such as Fleece or Duck Canvas. 


Heavyweight or Insulated – These are jackets with added insulation or thermal fabric properties to preserve body warmth.








branded jacket features The Features

What are the typical features found in Embroidered Jackets?


Bonded – Bonded jackets refer jackets where two fabrics are bonded together so there is no inner lining.  These fabrics repel water but allow perspiration (water vapor) to pass through.  These garments, also call softshell jackets and softshell vests, can both resist water and be stretchy and comfortable making them a perfect activewear or winter gift.


Stretch - Garments made with stretch fabric have superior elasticity.  Popular stretch fabrics include spandex, lycra and elastane.  Ultimately they are just different names for the same material.


Hooded - Jackets that come with an added hood to cover the head can provide rain and wind protection as well as help preserve body warmth.


Packable - Packable jackets are usually made with a pocket to pack the jacket into itself easily for storage in your backpack or travel bag. Because of this functionality, they are usually very compact.


Hi-Visibility – Hi-Vis jackets are made to increase a person's visibility with high luminescence colored fabric or reflective stripes ensuring maximum safety and accident prevention.


Water-Resistant - Water-resistant jackets can withstand minor water penetration from light showers or mist and maybe coated with a water repellent chemical finish.


Waterproof – These custom jacket fabrics are laminated or coated with a waterproofing material like rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), wax, etc. to withstand all forms of water penetration. Even their seams are taped to prevent water from penetrating the jacket.


Wind Resistant - Wind-resistant fabrics are ideal for outdoor activities since they resist wind penetration and the resulting chill regardless of how harsh the winds.


Zippers - Jackets often come with zippers to allow the wearer to more easily put on or take off their jacket.






branded jacket styles The Styles

Which Embroidered jacket styles are most popular?


Athletic - Branded Jackets that are specially manufactured for sports and exercises. However, these are often casually worn as well.


Camo – These jackets feature a camouflage print on them which help the wearer blend into all types of outdoor environments based on the print.   From detailed wetlands and forests to winter landscapes and military patterns, Camo jackets are popular with outdoorsmen the world over. 


Colorblock - Incorporating 2 or more bold and bright colors in your custom jacket often to stand out and compliment or even match your logo.


Ponchos - These outer bulky garments are made from watertight material to keep the body dry from the rain. Ponchos were originally worn by indigenous Americans since pre-Hispanic times.  Given their design sizes are often not needed and one size commonly fits all.


Rain Jackets - Rain jackets are waist-length jackets worn when going out in the rain or boating on the water. Moreover, if you throw in a pair of rain pants you can make it a rain suit.


Vests - A Vest is a sleeveless upper-body garment that is worn by both men and women.  Vests ensures the main body is kept warm while allowing for maximum mobility of the arms.


Windbreakers - These jackets are made with thin fabric to keep wind chills and even light rain from ruining your day. They typically have a lightweight construction, elastic waistbands or armbands, and a zipper to adjust the jacket during different weather conditions.


Windshirts - A thin, breathable, water-resistant, lightweight, and durable pullover jacket excellent for golfing as well as hiking and camping. Like win breakers they commonly feature a lightweight construction and elastic waistbands or armbands to seal off the elements.


Work Jacket - A jacket made for work, especially work that involves manual labor.  These jackets must balance function with durability and as such are often made using Duck Canvas fabric.   They also often keep safety in mind in their design and features. That said, their popularity often extends from simply work to casual everyday fashion.




custom jacket brands The Brands

 carhartt logo    the north face logo       nike logo    columbia logo   




The Bottom Line on Custom Jackets The Bottom Line

Why do Custom Jackets make a great recognition gift?


Any weather, any occasion, any function, or any age, you name it, there is jacket made to meet that need.  While many Americans have variety of jackets already in their closest, a fresh custom branded jacket is sure to spark pride in their cause, club or company. 


Not only that, you the huge variety of styles, price points and decoration allows you to truly create the perfect jacket for your next team event recognition or holiday gift. 


Ultimately, regardless of what folks are wearing underneath, Company Logo Jackets can transform their whole look in a snap of a finger.  So if you’re tasked with finding the perfect gift, then you’ve got an ace up your sleeve, i.e. custom jackets!







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