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A Complete Guide to Logo Business Shirts and Uniforms

A Complete Guide to Logo Business Shirts and Uniforms


Unless you have been living under a rock, the abundance of custom company apparel has certainly hit your radar. From medical facilities to restaurants and mobile phone companies, logo business shirts and uniforms boost logo recognition, empower staff with brand authority and even increase employee morale.


What’s more, like other logo apparel, work clothes today can be both comfy and easily customizable. Discover your complete guide to Logo Workwear below.




history of logo business shirts The History

What is the history of Logo Business Shirts and Uniforms?


The current surge of custom workwear popularity is driven how truly comfortable business shirts and uniforms have become.  Today they offer features like moisture wicking and wrinkle resistant fabrics.   Combine that with continued the dominance of corporate casual dress codes across American business and its easy to see why logo business shirts really are everywhere.


Looking back in history, work uniforms are seen as far back as Middle Ages and even then, they had logo branding in mind. In that day, many workers were commonly spotted wearing custom badges to display which specific employer or job type they identified with. These badges were a cornerstone of modern branding as merchants used them to emphasize the quality of their products, ultimately gaining customers’ acceptance and trust.


Eventually, between the 18th and 19th centuries, these badges were replaced with actual full uniforms or liveries - as they were called - that were worn by the staff of many households.  These newfangled custom workwear not only associated the household staff with their respective upstanding employers, but the staff themselves wore them with pride and honor.


Be it badges or special uniforms, unique custom merch greatly heightened the publics ability to recognize staff and establish legitimacy among organizations, thus giving birth to what would become our modern custom company apparel.


Today, embroidered dress shirts and workwear, in general, are turning heads across the globe with their versatility and brand visibility. Their variety allows wearers’ to choose garments that match their personality, style, and purpose while providing real comfort through a variety of innovative new fabrics.




printing business shirts The Printing

How can I customize my Logo Business Shirt?



To create your embroidered logo design, state of art computerized machines run a precise pattern of needle and threads over the shirt fabric. This type of embroidery will help your design to really pop with its resulting 3D look and feel while still being elegant and sophisticated. A high-quality embroidered dress shirt is likely to last longer than a printed shirt while keeping its fabric integrity intact. Embroidery is the number one decoration method on custom uniforms.


Full-Color Digital

Full-color digital printed business shirts involves printing with 4 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plus white when on a dark garment) in order to create full-color designs. The computerized printing of all the colors simultaneously on top of each other results in a vibrant and colorful design. Full color digital printed uniform shirts are quite popular and are generally more cost effective than embroidered uniform shirts.


Screen Printing

Business Apparel can also be printed via screen printing. Here, the ink is transferred onto your shirt through a mesh silk screen. A stencil blocks the ink and shapes the final design when a squeegee is moved across the screen.  In high volumes screen printing is very cost effective.  As such, it is a popular printing method for seasonal employee uniforms.


Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing is an ideal, affordable, and an orderly method to print polyester shirts especially polos. These Custom Polo Shirts are either printed using a heat press to transfer a precision cut vinyl logo onto a shirt or using special ink printed onto transfer paper then heat pressing it onto your garment.  These logos may appear shinier and smoother on the surface.




logo business shirt fabrics The Fabrics

What fabrics are typical in Logo Uniforms and Business Shirts?


Denim - Most types of Denim are entirely made from Cotton although some maybe infused with 3% Spandex to make them more flexible. This highly durable fabric was used to create cheap uniforms throughout the 20th century and is still used today for jeans, jackets, sneakers, hats, etc.


Flannel -  Flannel is a soft and woven fabric that was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn.  Today it is made from wool, cotton, or even synthetic fiber. Beyond custom work shirts, Flannel is often also seen in work jacket linings, blankets, sleepwear and bedsheets.


Oxford - Often made from Cotton combined with polyester or rayon using a basket weave structure.  Oxford fabric is considered a light-weight, soft, and lustrous fabric used for making high-quality shirts, custom workwear, and formal wear.  Aside from plain Oxford fabric, Pinpoint Oxford fabric is made from a finer year with a tighter weave thereby showing a “pin” effect in the texture.


Poplin - This is a fine, yet thick fabric that is characterized by its horizontal warp and a vertical weft.  Today they are made with wool, cotton, silk, rayon, or polyester. Shirts made from this fabric are known to have excellent wrinkle-free qualities and are easy to iron.  They feature a plain weave with very fine horizontal ribs that results in a strong crisp fabric that is softer than twill.


Twill - This fabric weave is characterized by its distinct diagonal lines and famous for its durability and stain resistance. Twill is often seen in shirts and chinos.


Duck Canvas - Cotton duck, duck cloth, and A.K.A. Duck Canvas is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric that is more tightly woven than standard canvas. It is usually used for work coats, work jackets, work pants, work bibs, sneakers, painting canvases, and tents.


Acrylic - Acrylic fabric is a soft, warm, and lightweight wool-like synthetic fiber often used in manufacturing sweaters, gloves, and scarves.


Chambray - Chambray is a cotton plain-weave fabric, often light blue in color. Although it resembles denim, Chambray has a softer and thinner surface which it great for summer or warm weather destinations.


Cotton - Cotton is a natural fiber harvested from Cotton plants. When used for embroidered dress shirts, this biodegradable and highly breathable fabric contributes to more comfy, less sweaty experience.




types of logo workwear The Types

What types of Logo Workwear are most common?

Dress Shirts - This garment in days past usually referred to formal evening attire made from woven cloth worn with a black or white tie, jacket, suit, or formal wear. They have collars and full-length openings at the front, which are fastened using buttons or snaps.   Today they are more casual and often feature twill and denim fabrics.


Polo Shirts - A polo is simply a type of shirt that features a collar and a placket neckline with 2 or 3 buttons. They are often short sleeved with an optional pocket.


Sweatshirts - Sweatshirts are loose fitting and warm and typically made with a cotton jersey material worn when exercising or as leisurewear.


T-shirts - This is a type of shirt that was named after the T shape of its body and sleeves and traditionally made with stretchy, easier to clean and lightweight fabric. They come in short sleeves, a round neckline, minus a collar.   Uniform T-shirts are common in the restaurant industry as in inexpensive uniform that can be updated easily.


Pants - Pants are worn from the waist to ankles, which cover both legs. They can be fitted, dress pants, jeans, chinos, khakis, or sweatpants.


Outerwear – While a broad category, outerwear is simply the outer layer of a multiple layered outfit to ensure warmth and comfort.  Below are the most common types:




logo workwear features The Features

What are the typical features found in Logo Business Shirts and Uniforms?


Wrinkle-Resistant - These fabrics are treated to resist wrinkling, retain their shape, and is an often-preferred feature of embroidered dress shirts.


Moisture Wicking - These hi-tech fabrics are made to provide moisture control for the wearer’s body by moving perspiration away to the fabric’s outer surface, where it evaporates. They are typically lightweight, soft, and stretchy.


Odor Resistant - Odor-resistant fabrics are treated with an antimicrobial component. This hinders bacteria growth before it mixes with sweat to create odor.


Snag Resistant - These fabrics are constructed to withstand pulls or ripping when bumped or rubbed against a rough surface.


Stain Resistant - Stain-resistant fabrics are manufactured with an added stain repellent to prevent stains and are an exceptional feature for custom company apparel.used in food service.


Water Resistant & Waterproof - These types of fabrics are usually laminated or coated with a waterproofing material such as rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), silicone elastomer, wax, etc. to resist water penetration.


Wind Resistant - Wind resistant garments shield the wearing from cold wind to keep their wearer warm.


Quarter-Zip - Clothing with a small zipper that is only a quarter of the length of the garment.  These helps ease pulling the garment on and off over one’s head.


Hooded - Clothing with a hood added. Hoods are popular in both sweatshirts, jackets and rain coats.


Insulated - Insulated clothing has the ability keep heat around the body, both in active and resting modes.


Safety - Safety-enabled garments usually feature either bright colors or reflective striping to ensure maximum visibility for around vehicles.  Other safety garments may even be fire and heat resistant.




logo uniform styles The Styles

Which Logo Uniform and Business Shirt styles are most popular?


Sleeves - Embroidered dress shirts and blouses are fashioned with short, 3/4 length sleeves, long sleeves, or even sleeveless styles.


Camp Shirts – also called a cabana shirt or lounge shirt, Camp Shirts are woven, loose, short-sleeved, button-front shirts.  These are popular resort uniform shirts.


Colorblock - Colorblocked outfits usually revolve around 2 or more bright and bold colors, making them great for athletic and gym staff uniforms.


Henley – Henley shirts are characterized by a round neckline and a placket that is 3 to 5 inches long with 2 to 5 buttons. These collarless pullover shirts can be either long or short-sleeved and come in different fabrics including cotton, and cotton-polyester blends.


Sweaters or Cardigans - Sweaters are knitted materials that are typically long-sleeved. Cardigans Sweaters feature an open front and are usually worn over shirts and dresses. Cardigans are popular in both summer in office environments where the AC may be too cool for some as well as winter.  In custom workwear and fashion, they offer a conservative option.  Think law, financial, and government office environments.



business shirt brands and uniform brands The Brands





The Bottom Line on Custom workwear The Bottom Line

Why are Logo Business Shirts and Logo Uniforms great for brand recognition and appreciated by staff?


As mentioned above, custom company apparel has been in the brand promotion game for decades if not centuries. From food service and hospitality establishments to veterinary clinics and law offices, logoed garments will heighten your brand presence with greater visibility by all your customers while bringing your team together.  


In addition, at Zeus Merch we offer a huge variety of comfortable and versatile apparel choices your staff are sure to love. From top-notch apparel with logo embroidery from Nike and North Face to screen printed T-shirts for amusement part staff or restaurant employees, you’ll hand your team a piece of clothing that is fashionable and comfortable or fun and commemorative while both shouting your brand and energizing your staff.






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